7 Ways to Take a Mental Escape

How are you? I wanted to check in to see if your family is safe and healthy. By now, we’re all probably looking for a little break. I wanted to pass on a few ways that will help you take a daily mental escape.

Take time each day to clear your mind through meditation. Breathing exercises will help you clear the mental clutter.

Whether it’s a quick run or a relaxing walk, getting outside for exercise is a healthy way to escape any stress. You don’t need equipment; you just have to get up and go.

Get Lost in Music
Listening to music is a great way to unwind and clear your head.

Find Your Creative Outlet
Whether it’s writing, art, cooking, music, photography, or something else, immersing yourself in a creative outlet will help you cope with your daily stress.

Daydream Out the Window
Have you ever caught yourself staring out a window? You’re relieving your stress, and you don’t even realize it. Just take a minute to daydream out the window.

 Watch Movies
The whole family can escape through a movie. Just sit down and watch worry-free.

Chew Gum
If you need a quick de-stressor, chew a piece of gum. 

It’s been a stressful few months. I hope these tips help. What do you do for a mental break? If you or your family needs anything, please give me a call.

Is Your Landscaping Eco-Friendly?

I hope that this email finds you and your family well and safe. I know that we are all consumed in different ways by this crisis. My aunt's passion is gardening so I thought this would some good info since staying at home is what most of us are doing. Getting outside for some sunshine is important and gardening at home is one of the best things you can do! 
Did you know that working in your garden is one of the safest and healthiest ways to socially distance yourself? 
Next Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; so with that in mind, I wanted to share with you a few eco-friendly landscaping tips as you dig into your spring projects.

Plant Trees and Shrubs Native to Your Area
Find trees and shrubs that are native to your area. They’ll repel pests and require fewer pesticides. Planting your trees strategically can also help provide shade for your home in the summer and let sunlight in throughout the winter. As a bonus, it will help cut heating and air conditioning costs.

Conserve Water
Xeriscaping your yard in dry climates is a great way to conserve water. If you don’t xeriscape completely, group plants together that have similar watering needs. If possible, collect rainwater in a rain barrel to water and schedule sprinklers to water early in the morning and late at night to avoid evaporation.

Use Natural Fertilizers
If you like to use fertilizer, look for a natural fertilizer to help turn your grass green. Using compost is a great organic way to fertilize your grass and plants. In addition to helping the lawn, it helps the soil. Also, pull your weeds rather than use weed killers that contain chemicals and pesticides.

Add Mulch
Use mulch around trees and garden beds to help control weeds and conserve water. Organic mulch also helps with healthy root growth and it promotes good soil.

As you’re looking to get outside, think about a little stress relief in your garden. Use these eco-friendly landscaping tips. They’ll help conserve the earth and your budget. Show me your garden tips and reply to this email with a few pictures. 

If there’s anything I can do to help you or your family,  give me a call. I am here for you.

I pray that God blesses you, your family, your health, your finances and your well being.

All my best,


6 Fun At-Home Activities

I just wanted to send this email to see how you’re doing and share a few activities. As we all practice social distancing, we find ourselves spending more time at home and with our families. I wanted to share with you a few fun ideas that you can do while at home. Whether it’s finding things for your kids to do while you work or a fun activity to do at night, these activities will have everyone smiling.

Take out a classic board game for a family game night. Monopoly, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders are all fun.

 Lights. Camera. Action. We all have cameras and the ability to edit videos on our phones. Put your creative hat on and make your own movie with your family playing starring roles.

Use cardboard or blankets to build forts throughout your home. Use your forts to have a family campout inside.

It’s important to stay connected during this tough time. Schedule videocalls with friends and family. 

If it’s safe, go outside for a walk or play in your backyard. If it’s nice, get outside or open a window for some fresh air.

Use pictures of family members or characters to create a fun scavenger hunt.

I hope that these ideas and tips will help bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. I would love to hear what you’re doing to keep your family busy while you’re at home.

Zen's COVID-19 Orange County Video Update

Here is my COVID-19 UPDATE VIDEO UPDATE from Friday March 20th, 2020 touching on the following items...

1. Our appreciation for our first responder's fighting to keep us safe in our local hospitals.
2. How Covid-19/the Coronavirus it's affecting Real Estate in Orange County.
3. Ideas of how you can help out during these uncertain and challenging times.
4. Please support our local restaurants by ordering take out.
5. Please reach out to my team and I if you need help or emotional support.
5. I am praying for you, your family, Orange County, our State, our Country and our Government to get all of through this crisis and pandemic.

PLEASE...Remember to choose faith and facts over fear and rumors!

This is a the perfect time to truly be thankful for all of our blessings in this great country.

May God Bless you abundantly with safety, health, wealth, grace, love and peace during these challenging times.

All my best,

Here are a Few Predictions

Many of you may have been browsing houses for a while and wishing for a break in this overheated market. Well, here’s some positive news.

​The latest real estate reports say the market has picked back up and it's going to be another really strong year in Real Estate.

In Orange County we still have an inventory shortage. We started 2020 with a low inventory more than 33% lower than we started in 2019.

Home price growth has been steady over the years and will continue to move slightly higher as we get closer to the election in November in 2020.
New house prices are starting to moderate after seven straight years of increases, according to Zillow. Most experts see another year of appreciation.

Mortgage rates trending down, not up.
​Just when you’ve heard ten times that mortgage rates are hovering near historic lows, guess what — they edged downward through much of 2019. What’s more, Fannie Mae predicts mortgage rates will fall to an average of 3.4 percent in 2020. That gives homebuyers plenty of chances to lock in extremely affordable mortgages.

Housing supply will balance out.
​The supply of homes for sale has been really tight in recent years, and that’s one reason we’ve seen a seller’s market. But that started to reverse in 2019, leading analysts to believe that housing inventory could stabilize in 2020 - especially at the upper end of the market. That means more choices for buyers and not as much competitive pressure.

The big economic picture.
Will the long U.S. economic expansion come to an end in 2020? Some believe a recession is in the offing, but nobody really knows how long that could take to happen. In any case, there’s no guarantee that home prices would drop in your preferred neighborhoods.

The best way to get a handle on local price trends is to talk with an experienced real estate agent who has the knowledge to navigate all types of markets. Contact me or check out my website to start your buying process. I’m here to help!