Walk the Plank at these Great Halloween Events!

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Ahoy, Mateys! We've balanced seas ahead for homes priced under $1 million here in Orange County. However, there is a scary part of the market ye land lubbers should be privy to. The appreciation we saw earlier this year has ended, but homeowners are still trying to get an unreasonable amount of booty for their home. Sellers, if ye don't price your home right, you'll have to walk the plank! 

For buyers, October through February are the best months to steal the best deals here in Orange County. With many homes for sale and interest rates as low as they've been in 16 months, now is the time to hoist your flag and claim your home before it's too late. Our team would love to help you set sail on that adventure!

Now that's out of the way, let's take a look at 7 spooktacular events happening in our area this Halloween!

  • 3 top events not for the faint of heart (adults & teens only!):
    • Knott's Scary Farm in Buena Park. Now through Novemeber 1st enjoy 160 acres of horror!
    • Haunted Trails at Crown Valley Community Park. You can visit Friday and Saturday of this week starting at 6:30 pm. $12 per person.
    • The Empty Grave at the Laguna Hills Mall. This scary event includes over 50,000 square feet of terror! You can go nightly through November 1st!
  • 4 events for the whole family:
    • Mickey's Halloween Party! This is a huge party for the entire family at Disneyland in Anaheim. For more details head over to Disneyland.com!
    • Doheny's Halloween Haunt this Saturday at Doheny State Beach at Dana Point. Entry is free if you bring at least 1 non-perishable item as a donation. Come dressed in a costume - you might even see and my crew sailing in the bay!
    • Blocktober at Saddleback Church. There will be great food and rides on October 31st starting at 5 pm. The event goes until 9 pm on all All Hallow's Eve! You can find more information at Saddleback.com
    • The Annual Pumpkin Glow at Papillion Park in Irvine. The event is on October 25th, from 6 pm to 9 pm. There will be more than 2,000 carved pumpkins in an amazing outdoor display of art! The best part? You can carve your own pumpkin and add it to the display. 
The Halloween season is here, mateys! Have a safe and happy holiday - and cheers!