Is the California Drought Hurting Orange County Home Sales?

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Here in Orange County, we are definitely spoiled by the beautiful beaches and perfect weather. We are super excited to talk to you today, because we are in the summer selling season. It's a great time to buy or sell a home!

Usually, one of the pluses of selling during the summertime here in California is that all the flowers are in bloom and the lawn looks great. This year, that is not the case. A lot of people have asked me if the drought is hurting real estate sales, and the simple answer is no. If you're a seller, it could affect the offer you get. Traditionally, lush green grass helps sell a house, and lots of beautiful colorful flowers always make it more appealing to buyers.

However, we can give you some great tips on ways to raise your curb appeal during the drought. We have 25+ years of tricks of the trade to make sure your outdoors is in the best condition. We can help you get top dollar for your home.

If you have any questions about today's topic, please give us a call. If you're a buyer hoping to be moved into your new home before school starts, please contact us. We would love to help you with your real estate questions.