Do Yu Still Love Learning?

 Thank a Teacher 

Did you know that Sept. 21 is International Gratitude Day?

I’m certainly grateful for having autumn creeping upon us. The nights aren’t as warm as they were even a few weeks ago and stores have already begun stockpiling everything pumpkin-related.

However, I’m also grateful for something much more traditional as many people return to school in the fall—teachers. We are constantly learning—from the time we are born to our last days. This learning occurs not just in a classroom for the first 18 or so years of life, but also as young adults finding our way in the world, as parents and grandparents, and late in life when we have more time to spare and choose to learn something purely for ourselves.

I am most appreciative of the teachers who turn up when we are not looking to learn something new. Those unexpected teachers come out of nowhere. They are the elderly ladies with time to chat, the child who surprises us with insight that many adults overlook, and the average person who takes the time to explain a process, in common terms, that is specific to his or her field of expertise.

Who are the unexpected teachers in your life? Have you told them that they positively changed you, irrevocably, by teaching you something new? Perhaps this would be a good week to share your gratitude.

A teacher who made a difference at some time in your life would probably appreciate a simple card, an unexpected phone call, or even an email from you. This gesture might just lead to a larger conversation and a deeper friendship. If nothing else, you made someone’s day with a positive comment by simply expressing your gratitude. After all, one of the first things we are taught in preschool or kindergarten is to say, “Thank you.”

In Gratitude;

Feeling Stressed This Fall?


Is it me, or does life get a little more stressful in the fall? Whether it's schedules, finances, or the coming holiday season, things are just less relaxed than in other seasons. However, you can help keep things calm and less stressful with a few tweaks to your home decor. Here are five decorating tips for a stress-free home.

Let Natural Light Shine

Natural light will instantly make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Let the light shine in and take in a bit of nature to have a calm home. Use skylights and windows to keep things bright.

Add a Touch of Nature

Did you know that looking at nature can lower your blood pressure? Add a few live plants to your home to reduce added stress. Don’t like plants? Photographs, prints, or nature paintings will bring a calming touch to your busy home.

The Right Chairs Make a Difference

Finding the right furniture goes a long way for comfort, but it also helps keep stress minimal. When looking for chairs, look for something big enough so that you can change position while sitting, move around the room easily, and have a taller back. Add a side table and a plant behind for a stress-free corner.

Paint Light Colors

Ultimate comfort and relaxation start with the colors on the wall. Dusty blue, sage green or other light colors help create a stress-free environment.


There's nothing more stressful in a home than clutter. So take time to declutter and organize your home. Place items you use the most easily accessible and store items away that you don't use awesome. Less clutter will help your flow and keep your home stress free.

I hope these tips help you keep your home as relaxing as possible. If you need help reorganizing, I can connect you with a professional to help you organize your home. If you have questions about the current state of real estate or want to make a move this fall, I'm here to help. Give me a call.