Do Yu Still Love Learning?

 Thank a Teacher 

Did you know that Sept. 21 is International Gratitude Day?

I’m certainly grateful for having autumn creeping upon us. The nights aren’t as warm as they were even a few weeks ago and stores have already begun stockpiling everything pumpkin-related.

However, I’m also grateful for something much more traditional as many people return to school in the fall—teachers. We are constantly learning—from the time we are born to our last days. This learning occurs not just in a classroom for the first 18 or so years of life, but also as young adults finding our way in the world, as parents and grandparents, and late in life when we have more time to spare and choose to learn something purely for ourselves.

I am most appreciative of the teachers who turn up when we are not looking to learn something new. Those unexpected teachers come out of nowhere. They are the elderly ladies with time to chat, the child who surprises us with insight that many adults overlook, and the average person who takes the time to explain a process, in common terms, that is specific to his or her field of expertise.

Who are the unexpected teachers in your life? Have you told them that they positively changed you, irrevocably, by teaching you something new? Perhaps this would be a good week to share your gratitude.

A teacher who made a difference at some time in your life would probably appreciate a simple card, an unexpected phone call, or even an email from you. This gesture might just lead to a larger conversation and a deeper friendship. If nothing else, you made someone’s day with a positive comment by simply expressing your gratitude. After all, one of the first things we are taught in preschool or kindergarten is to say, “Thank you.”

In Gratitude;

Feeling Stressed This Fall?


Is it me, or does life get a little more stressful in the fall? Whether it's schedules, finances, or the coming holiday season, things are just less relaxed than in other seasons. However, you can help keep things calm and less stressful with a few tweaks to your home decor. Here are five decorating tips for a stress-free home.

Let Natural Light Shine

Natural light will instantly make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Let the light shine in and take in a bit of nature to have a calm home. Use skylights and windows to keep things bright.

Add a Touch of Nature

Did you know that looking at nature can lower your blood pressure? Add a few live plants to your home to reduce added stress. Don’t like plants? Photographs, prints, or nature paintings will bring a calming touch to your busy home.

The Right Chairs Make a Difference

Finding the right furniture goes a long way for comfort, but it also helps keep stress minimal. When looking for chairs, look for something big enough so that you can change position while sitting, move around the room easily, and have a taller back. Add a side table and a plant behind for a stress-free corner.

Paint Light Colors

Ultimate comfort and relaxation start with the colors on the wall. Dusty blue, sage green or other light colors help create a stress-free environment.


There's nothing more stressful in a home than clutter. So take time to declutter and organize your home. Place items you use the most easily accessible and store items away that you don't use awesome. Less clutter will help your flow and keep your home stress free.

I hope these tips help you keep your home as relaxing as possible. If you need help reorganizing, I can connect you with a professional to help you organize your home. If you have questions about the current state of real estate or want to make a move this fall, I'm here to help. Give me a call.

The Real Test of Friendship


International Friendship Day was celebrated on July 30th. The test is a simple reminder of what makes some friends your best friends.
Some friends know how to be a polite guest in your home.
An authentic friend opens your refrigerator and helps themselves.

Some friends have never seen you cry.
A dear friend has shoulders that have been soggy from your tears.

Some friends don’t know your parents' first names.
A close friend has texted your parents.

Some friends bring a dish to your party.
A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to clean up ... and knows where you keep everything.

Some friends hate it when you call after they’ve gone to bed.
A humble friend asks why it's been so long.

Some friends want you to be more like them.
A true friend loves you just as you are.

Some people think that a friendship is over after an argument. A weathered friend reaches out with a well-timed phone call.

Some friends expect you to always be there for them.
A selfless friend knows that they will always be there for you!

Friendship Day is a reason to celebrate all your real friends who allow you to be the same for them.

What's Happening In Our Market?


3rd Quarter Market Update

Happy Summer!  Yes, summer has been upon us and it's been a crazy housing market.  The market has been a roller coaster ride and higher interest rates have slowed the days on market down and we've seen price reductions for the first time in several years. 

​I know that you’ve heard the national headlines about lack of inventory, high sale prices, and rising interest rates. These headlines might leave you with a lot of questions. 

I wanted to share the latest market information for Orange County. it’s still a great time to buy or sell. Your home is one of the biggest investments you make. Even if you’re not thinking about buying or selling, it’s good to stay on top of the housing market.

We have great programs for buyers and seller.  If you have a home to sell first before buying, ask about our amazing TRADE-IN Program. 


OC Market Summary and Numbers

Total active listings on the market is between 3900 to 4000 homes

Homes under $750,000 is the hottest segment of the market

Days on market are about 60 days for homes priced between $750,000 and $1,500,000 which is a decrease from 75 days on market 2 weeks ago.  Back in February of 2022 Days on Market were less than 14 days on market.  

The median active listing price in all OC is $1,100,000


Have an amazing Labor Day holiday.

Please reach out to me for a complimentary analysis of your home.

4 Tips to Keep Your Sanity During a Remodel


Happy July! I hope that you're having a great summer. Is there a remodel in your future? Home upgrades and construction can be stressful. So, I thought I would send you a quick email with a few tips on how to stay calm during a remodel project.

Use sticky notes to help yourself and your contractor stay on the timeline. When you or your contractor finish a task, take a note off the wall. It's an easy way to keep your project on track, and it's rewarding to see the progress. Remember to include the minor projects on your to-do list.

Buying new fixtures like lights, faucets, and doorknobs can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you'll walk through the store, and everything looks the same. Group your purchases by room to help keep yourself sane. Buy these items early in case there are supply issues.

​Construction projects are messy if you're remodeling one room or a few. To keep the dust down, block off the room with plastic. The rest of the house will remain clean. If you're working on several rooms, take it one room at a time to avoid even more frustration.

What's the busiest room in the house? Your kitchen. When it's under construction, you don't have to cancel dinner every night or go out to eat out every day. Get creative with one pot and no-bake recipes. If you have a grill, it's time to become a BBQ expert.

If you're thinking about a remodel, I hope that these tips help you stay calm throughout your project. If you feel a new home is best, I can help. Now is a great time to buy and sell – call or text to set up a time to meet.

Father's Day Is Changing, For Good 🪒


It is 2022 and dad doesn’t want a tie and probably hasn’t since 1955. According to, in 2020 ties were finally beaten as the most frequently gifted Father’s Day item. The pandemic caused self-care gifts for dad to be the new king of gifts.

So, what does dad really want now?

Fatherhood today is a study of evolution. Dads lead, guide, protect and love more than ever. Most new dads know how to play Minecraft and are willing to battle creepers and morning traffic to give kids what they need. So it makes sense that ties and razors are no longer the most desired gifts.

Dads today are more apt to appreciate brands like Lego and Levi’s over Barbasol and Gillette. But what they really want is time and experiences with people who matter to them. You’re better off giving your presence for a cool family experience (think - a day by the water or a trip to an artisan ice cream shop).

When asked, most dads indicated they'd love to have a meal with their kids. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere special; the go-to family restaurant or diner is just fine.

Whether you are celebrating a dad who is 26 or 60, it seems that the gift of time with family and friends will never go out of style.

Happy Father's Day!

Buying a Home This Summer?


Summer is in full swing, which means it's prime season for buying a home. If you're in the market, I wanted to share a few reminders about the extra expenses of buying a home. Check out the link below to learn more about these expenses you may not think about.

Buying a home is always an exciting experience. It's the largest investment you'll make. Please don't be surprised by these extra expenses. If you're ready, I'll guide you through the entire process to ensure you're in the know. Give me a call or text me to start your home search.

Is Your Home Eco-Friendly?


When you think of being "green," what do you picture? Is it recycling as much as possible or using solar panels on your roof? I wanted to share a few simple ways to make your home eco-friendly without splurging on extensive home upgrades like solar panels or the most efficient appliances. So, in honor of Earth Day, here are four simple ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

Switching to LED lightbulbs will make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. As a bonus, you'll save a lot on your monthly budget.

Rather than using hot water to wash your clothes, use cold. According to EnergyStar, 90% of the energy used in your washer is from water heating up. So skip the hot water to reduce CO2 emissions; your clothes will be just fine. While you're at it, you can decrease how much you use your drier.

Did you know plants do a lot more for your home than add a little decorative flavor? They help keep your air clean.

Using window treatments can add more style to your home, but they can also help insulate your home and improve efficiency. Heavier curtains or blinds can keep the cold air out and the hot air in your home.


If you're looking for a way to save more on your monthly bills and be a little more eco-friendly, try these ideas. If you're looking for a newer, more efficient home, start fresh this spring with a new home. I'll help you find your next efficient home. Shoot me a text or give me a call to talk about your move.

Want to Add Value to Your Home?

​Are you thinking about a home remodel project this year? Before you start knocking down walls or hiring a contractor, you might want to think about a few projects that won’t require a big contract and heavy equipment. I want to share a few simple projects that will add value to your home and not break the bank.

Minor Kitchen Updates

When it comes to your home, your kitchen is the star of the show. Small projects to a kitchen can make your whole house seem updated. It also adds val​ue; you can recover between 53% and 72% of your costs.

Tackle These Small Kitchen Upgrades:

• Add a backsplash
• Refinish your cabinets
• Update lighting
• Update faucets and fixtures

Bathroom Updates

You don’t have to tear up the tile or rip out showers to add value when thinking of bathroom remodels. Instead, simple fixes add a big punch.

Easy Small Bathroom Updates:

• Fresh light fixtures
• Create more storage
• Update faucets

Create a Smart Home

If you haven’t jumped on the Smart home technology train, it’s time to get on board. Adding smart home technology can increase the value of your home from 3%-5%.

Smart Home Tech to Add This Year:

• Smart thermostat
• Smart security
• Smart lights

​Many home improvements add value. If you’re thinking about tackling a project this year, think about one of these relatively low-cost projects that pack a value-added punch.

This market is a RED HOT seller's market. If you're thinking about a move this year we need to talk about our Cash Buyer Program and our TRADE-IN Program.

Give me a call to set up a time to talk.

The Best Kind of Love! 💗

On Valentine’s Day, love is all around and for one day people are encouraged to express love with flowers, chocolate and cards of all shapes and colors.

The best part is... you can be super cheesy, enthusiastic, or deeply sentimental. Valentine’s Day is your excuse to let your feelings fly.

But how well do you know the feelings and preferences of the people you care about most?

We have all heard of the golden rule, which says, “give love the way you want to receive love;” there is also a platinum rule, which says, “give love the way they want to receive love.”

Some people like to hear the words, “I love you,” some people prefer a hug, while others are happiest with gestures of love. There are 1000 ways to say, “I love you!” without even using words.

Valentine’s Day is not just about how you show love, but with whom you show love. Look around and notice who else needs some love today – hint, it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner.

Maybe it could be one of the greatest sources of unconditional love and attention - pets! Is there an animal shelter nearby that needs a dog walker or cat cuddler? Or perhaps taking the day to pursue your own hobbies and interests as an expression of self-love.

Giving love isn’t something that should be limited to one day in the middle of winter. Valentine’s Day shows us that we have the capacity to share the love for more than one day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

How Much Do I Need To Put Down?


Happy New Year! I hope that 2022 is off to a fantastic start for you and your family. Do you have plans to buy a new home this year? If so, you're probably thinking and saving for a down payment, but how much do you need? There are many loan options, and you may not need 20%.

Conventional Loans

Have you heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? These are the companies that provide conventional home loans. If your credit score is in good shape, you'll only need to put 3% down on your new home.

FHA Loans

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Then, an FHA loan might be a good option for you. Generally, you could put as little as 3.5% down.

VA Loans

If you're a veteran or currently active military, your service is appreciated. Getting a VA loan doesn't require a down payment.

USDA Loans

​USDA Loans are backed by The US Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Program. These loans are for rural and suburban homebuyers. Check with your lender for income and loan requirements if you feel this is the right loan for you.

That's just a brief idea of the loans that allow you to save a little cash upfront. Of course, a mortgage professional will help you find the best option for you. I work with incredible lenders that can help. If you're ready, give me a call or text. I'd be happy to help you with your move.

Living Through January

Did you know— the ancient Vikings measured age in how many winters someone lived through? I just love that idea, like we aren’t merely surviving the winter months with extra-thick socks while clutching a warm mug, but we are living through them and truly taking in all they have to offer and thriving in response.

I think we can all agree that 2021 was challenging and we are all likely to anticipate 2022 with a sense that there is a fresh start on the horizon. However, if we channel our inner Viking (skipping the horned hats), we are obligated to bring vivid life into this typically bleak month, rather than seeing it as something to survive until warmer times. There is living to be done in January, my friend!

Those ancient Vikings were masters of the sea and had an innate understanding of navigation by natural elements. Like many ancient cultures, they noted landmarks for reference points and used the stars to navigate their way while out at sea, however they also kept track of their route through storytelling. Reciting the route they took in a poetic tale was not only entertaining, but it was also a way to hand down trade routes through generations.

I’m sharing this with you because I think there is value in giving voice to the course you plan to take as you begin the journey through 2022. All journeys begin with a plan and end with a story - I hope your story this year is a good one!