Being Successful When Buying Real Estate Requires These 4 Steps

For multiple years now the Orange County housing market has experienced low inventory. It is easy for buyers to become frustrated during the process causing them to give up or become desperate. Instead of making choices that can lead to regret, I wanted to offer some tips to help you get the home of your dreams - even in a market with fewer homes for sale. By being prepared with the right expectations, you can navigate this hot real estate market effectively.

Have a Professional Buyer Consultation 

Most agents skip this process and will get you out looking for homes before you understand the entire buying process and everything involved in buying a home in today's market. It is critical to understand the entire process before you start. 

You need to know all of the costs involved, the purchase timelines, your contingencies, the inspections/paperwork needed, and how the current market conditions will affect you. You really must know what it will take for you to purchase a home in any market especially a market like ours with low inventory. 

Our consultations are COMPLIMENTARY and very informative helping you with the right decision when buying a home.

Get Pre-Approved with a Reputable Local Lender.

In a low inventory market, you must have your pre-approval done before you can submit an offer. You must come ready to make a solid offer with a full pre-approval or the seller will simply choose the offer that is most secure. 

We can offer you a list of our proven preferred lenders here in Orange County that have great rates and customer service. They will get you pre-approved, discuss your budget, breakdown your housing payment, and the tax advantages of home ownership so you are prepared before you go house-hunting.

Act Quickly.

Once you've positioned yourself with a great agent and lender it is important to act quickly on a home you love. With low inventory, an attractive, well-priced home will likely get several offers - and fast. This means you need to be willing to make quick decisions, including implementing strategies for making your offer stand out as the best. This may mean a note to the seller, higher earnest money, flexibility on closing, or more.

Hire a Great Agent that knows how to write winning offers!

Having a professional real estate agent with years of experience in a seller's market is invaluable! You need and agent that will FIGHT FOR YOU to win the deal! 

Having an experienced agent, with great negotiating skills, that is proactive and knows how to write winning offers is the key between getting your dream home or losing out on the home you love! 

With almost 30 years in the business I will direct you on how to submit the best offer, properly prepare the bid to be most attractive, and help you get the first showings on the house(s) that best suit you. ​We typically win 75% of all our multiple offers written for our buyers! 

I can help you be more successful in a tight housing market. 

Contact me today for the professionalism and experience you need!