Does Your Home Make a Good First Impression?

Making a good first impression is important in business, dating, and selling a home, especially here in beautiful Orange County. 

In this fun but true video, we lighten it up by comparing home shopping to a first date. Enjoy these tips along with how they apply to home showings, and avoid the 3 biggest turn-offs for potential buyers interested in purchasing your home!

A first impression is lasting, and you’d never show up on a blind first date not looking and smelling your best. So shower, apply light fragrance, dress neat, and smile.

Odors, pleasant and unpleasant, are one of the first things noticed. Everyone has their own unique smell, and if it includes pet smells and/or smoking, it’s a big turn-off. This also includes damp or musty smells like trash; these should be addressed with fresh paint and carpets, air fresheners, and cleaning. But don’t overdo the fragrance - that can be a huge turn-off, too.

Nothing is ruder than talking about yourself endlessly. Leave your photo album at home and be ready to ask questions and listen to answers about your date.

When a buyer walks into a home and sees an overabundance of your unique personalization, they don’t feel like they belong. They may feel isolated, and maybe even guilty, about wanting to remove wallpaper to make the home their own. Simplify by removing heavy d├ęcor, walls of images, and anything else that can distract from the beauty of the home itself. And don’t take it personally!

It is important to be authentic and to present your best self. Your appearance, language, and honesty will go a long way towards getting that next date!

Buyers notice curb appeal and how well maintained the home is. If gutters are full, weeds are growing out of control, and things are in clear disrepair, they often wonder what problems are hiding below the surface. Performing needed maintenance and cleaning will go a long way in making a good impression.

Now is the time to start getting your house ready to show for selling in the spring. Contact me today to learn the areas of your home to address before spending unneeded time and money, and to make the best first impression.