Plans for Father's Day?


Warm nights are great for camping. Have you ever thought about sleeping under the stars in your backyard? Whether you have kids or are a first-time camper or a hardcore backpacker, it's nice to go on an adventure just a few steps out your door. Father's Day weekend is the perfect weekend to try. Here are three tips for a backyard camping adventure.​

Perfect Sleeping Arrangements
Pretend your backyard is an actual campsite in the wilderness. If you have a tent, set it up, include lanterns or string lights for ambiance. Use air mattresses,  and sleeping bags to keep everyone warm and cozy. The more comfortable you are, you'll likely enjoy a night under the stars again.

Make Camping Tasty
The smell of hot dogs, burgers and marshmallows roasting over a fire pit or sizzling on the grill is synonymous with any campout. Up your camping menu by incorporating some foil pack meals and campfire pies.

Make a Night of it With Games
The camping experience is a lot more than sleeping outside. Make a night of it. Incorporate some games and nighttime stargazing into your experience. Go on a community scavenger hunt, play cornhole, or do flashlight foraging.

With Father's Day just around the corner, there isn't a better time to spend a night in the backyard with the family. These tips will help you enjoy your backyard camping experience. If you're looking for a new backyard to play in, I'd be happy to help you find your perfect new home. 

Call, or text me about your next home.

Celebrating Fatherhood Superpowers


As we celebrate Father's Day, I've been reflecting on the important role that dads and father figures play in our lives. I wanted to start a fun and meaningful conversation to help us appreciate and cherish the incredible fathers in our world.

Today, I pose the question: What are your favorite Dad Superpowers?

Here is a list of twelve "superpowers" that many dads possess. Take a moment to read through these examples, and feel free to share your thoughts, personal experiences, or even stories of your own father or father figures who've had a significant impact on your life.

Dad reflexes: The incredible ability to catch a falling child, toy, or object with lightning-fast reflexes, often saving the day.

Super strength: The power to lift heavy objects, carry kids on their shoulders, and open tightly sealed jars with ease.

Grill master: The uncanny ability to cook the perfect barbecue, ensuring every burger and hot dog is cooked to perfection.

Home repair hero: The talent for fixing almost anything around the house, from leaky faucets to assembling furniture.

Infinite patience: The capacity to remain calm and composed while dealing with temper tantrums, sibling rivalries, and other challenging situations.

Endless energy: The power to keep up with their children's boundless energy, whether it's playing sports, chasing them around the yard, or taking them on adventures.

Storyteller extraordinaire: The gift of spinning captivating tales and bedtime stories, sparking their children's imaginations.

Wisdom dispenser: The ability to provide sage advice and guidance, helping their children navigate life's challenges.

Dad jokes: The unique humor that may induce eye-rolls but brings laughter and joy to their family.

Protector: The innate sense to keep their family safe and secure from harm, both emotionally and physically.

Master negotiator: The skill to peacefully resolve disputes between siblings and enforce fair compromises.

Unconditional love: The most important superpower of all - the capacity to love their children deeply and unconditionally, providing support, encouragement, and understanding throughout their lives.

We all have unique perspectives, and our individual experiences with fatherhood or father figures may vary.

I invite you to respond to this email with your thoughts on the best kind of dad, any anecdotes that you feel comfortable sharing or even your favorite dad jokes.

Let's celebrate the amazing dads and father figures in our lives, learn from each other's stories, and appreciate the qualities that make them so special.

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day and I look forward to hearing your heartwarming perspectives on this special occasion.