Stage Your Home To Sell

When selling your home, you need it to shine and appeal to every buyer possible. Staging your home appropriately will help potential buyers connect with your home and picture their daily lives in your home. 

You already know that you must clean and declutter like you’ve never cleaned before, but I wanted to pass on a few ideas that go beyond cleaning that will help you stage your home to sell.

Show off your lighting. When staging your home, you want to make sure that it’s bright. Replace any burned out bulbs, clean your windows, and open your blinds to let in the natural light. You do not want the first comment from a potential buyer to be, “It’s dark in here.”

Don’t be afraid to switch up your furniture. Move couches and loveseats away from the walls. You’ll be surprised at the space it creates. Moving furniture to face each other also shows the natural flow of a room. Remember: you’re showing your home to sell, so things won’t be the way you live in them.

Arrange your pillows, accessories, artwork, and chairs in threes, fives, even sevens. Designers say it’s more appealing to the eye. Give it a try.

Do you have an odd room or unique floor plan? Don’t hide it. Make this space into a useable space. A unique space will be appealing.

I hope these tips help you prepare your home to sell. If you need professional advice, I’m here to help. 
Give me a call or send me a text to set up a time to talk about your home.