Want to Add Value to Your Home?

​Are you thinking about a home remodel project this year? Before you start knocking down walls or hiring a contractor, you might want to think about a few projects that won’t require a big contract and heavy equipment. I want to share a few simple projects that will add value to your home and not break the bank.

Minor Kitchen Updates

When it comes to your home, your kitchen is the star of the show. Small projects to a kitchen can make your whole house seem updated. It also adds val​ue; you can recover between 53% and 72% of your costs.

Tackle These Small Kitchen Upgrades:

• Add a backsplash
• Refinish your cabinets
• Update lighting
• Update faucets and fixtures

Bathroom Updates

You don’t have to tear up the tile or rip out showers to add value when thinking of bathroom remodels. Instead, simple fixes add a big punch.

Easy Small Bathroom Updates:

• Fresh light fixtures
• Create more storage
• Update faucets

Create a Smart Home

If you haven’t jumped on the Smart home technology train, it’s time to get on board. Adding smart home technology can increase the value of your home from 3%-5%.

Smart Home Tech to Add This Year:

• Smart thermostat
• Smart security
• Smart lights

​Many home improvements add value. If you’re thinking about tackling a project this year, think about one of these relatively low-cost projects that pack a value-added punch.

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The Best Kind of Love! 💗

On Valentine’s Day, love is all around and for one day people are encouraged to express love with flowers, chocolate and cards of all shapes and colors.

The best part is... you can be super cheesy, enthusiastic, or deeply sentimental. Valentine’s Day is your excuse to let your feelings fly.

But how well do you know the feelings and preferences of the people you care about most?

We have all heard of the golden rule, which says, “give love the way you want to receive love;” there is also a platinum rule, which says, “give love the way they want to receive love.”

Some people like to hear the words, “I love you,” some people prefer a hug, while others are happiest with gestures of love. There are 1000 ways to say, “I love you!” without even using words.

Valentine’s Day is not just about how you show love, but with whom you show love. Look around and notice who else needs some love today – hint, it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner.

Maybe it could be one of the greatest sources of unconditional love and attention - pets! Is there an animal shelter nearby that needs a dog walker or cat cuddler? Or perhaps taking the day to pursue your own hobbies and interests as an expression of self-love.

Giving love isn’t something that should be limited to one day in the middle of winter. Valentine’s Day shows us that we have the capacity to share the love for more than one day.

Happy Valentine's Day!