On the fence about Buying?

One question that I always get asked is, "Is it better to rent or buy?" The answer is it's always better to own your home. So if you're on the fence, I wanted to share a few benefits of home ownership. 

Positive Financial Investment

When you buy a home, it's a long-term investment. Your home will appreciate, and its value will go up over time. When it's time to sell, you’ll make money on the sale. When you rent, you're paying for someone else's home to increase in value.

Tax Benefits

Yes! Owning your home can have tax benefits. For example, you can deduct items like the interest you pay on your mortgage and property taxes, and when you buy a new home, you can deduct the fees you pay that year.

Credit Score Boost

Buying a home and paying your mortgage on time can help you boost your credit score.

Consistent Mortgage Payments

If you have a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly payments will stay the same, making it easier to budget. Over the years, you're paying down on your mortgage, not someone else's.

Freedom to Make Changes

When you buy a home, you can make any changes you want because, well, IT'S YOURS! So make the home improvements that you want.

These are five reasons it's better to buy a home than rent if you can afford to buy now. I would love to discuss the many other perks with you. 

If you need to sell in order to buy, let's talk about our 


If and when you're ready, I'd be happy to discuss finding your next home. Call me to schedule a talk.

Selling Your Home for the First Time?


Summer is a busy time for those thinking about selling a home. Sellers have a lot to think about when preparing to put their home on the market. The market has shifted from the crazy pandemic market that you might have heard about. Houses are no longer getting multiple offers the moment they hit the market. If you’re considering a move and want to sell your home for the first time, here are a few things you should do and expect.

Create a Move-In Ready Home

If you want your home to sell, it must be in pristine condition. Make those pesky repairs that you’ve held off on. Clean and clean again. And bring your curb appeal to a new level. A first impression is critical for attracting buyers. You want your home to be “move-in ready.” 
Pro Tip: Hire an experienced agent that has all the resources to help you prepare your home for sale.


Take down any family pictures and any sports memorabilia. You don’t want to lose buyers because of a sports rivalry. You want your potential buyers to imagine their pictures and decor on the walls. 
Pro Tip: Hire a professional stager.

Set a Price That Will Sell

The last few years have been crazy for sellers. But the market has changed from what it was even a few months ago. So, be realistic about the current market conditions. Yes! Your friend or neighbor sold fast and for more than expected a few months ago. But that might not be the case now. 
Pro Tip: A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) can give you an accurate update on home sales prices. I can help.

With interest rates rising and the market conditions leveling out, it’s good to ensure your home is in perfect selling condition. Use these tips to prep your home, whether it’s your first or last time selling. I’m ready to help you. Please call or text to schedule a meeting. I would love to discuss the value of your home.

Is Your Home Show Ready?

If you've ever sold a home or are thinking about selling your home, you'll always hear about staging and ensuring your home is "show-ready." These are very important, but unless you move out of your home while it's for sale, having a show-ready home is easier said than done. After all, life still must go on. So here are a few tips to ease stress and help you maintain a home that will wow potential buyers.

Keep Your Home Fresh

When your home is on the market, it's good to let it breathe. Open the windows and let air flow through your home frequently so that any smells you may be accustomed to won't turn off potential buyers.

Keep Toys Organized

Keeping toys organized is essential when showing, whether it's your kids or your pets. Keep a box or basket handy to put things away as soon as they're done playing.

Perform a Daily Cleaning

It's always nice to have clean countertops and floors, but when showing, it's important. Create a habit of performing a daily counter wipe-down and vacuuming when your home is on the market.

Keep Toiletries at Bay

It's easy just to lay your toiletries on the counter each day. But when you're showing, you need to put those items away. Seeing personal things on the bathroom counter or bedroom dresser is a turnoff.

Hide the Clutter

It's a fact of life; we all have clutter. But, unfortunately, when you're showing, you can't. So to combat the daily clutter battle, have a basket that you can quickly and easily pick up clutter before a showing. Gather it all in a basket and hide the basket in a closet.

​There's no doubt a bit of stress comes with selling your home. When your home is on the market, use these tips to help create a daily schedule that will keep your home show-ready. If you have questions about staging your home or are ready to move, I can help. Give me a call to set up a time to meet.

Plans for Father's Day?


Warm nights are great for camping. Have you ever thought about sleeping under the stars in your backyard? Whether you have kids or are a first-time camper or a hardcore backpacker, it's nice to go on an adventure just a few steps out your door. Father's Day weekend is the perfect weekend to try. Here are three tips for a backyard camping adventure.​

Perfect Sleeping Arrangements
Pretend your backyard is an actual campsite in the wilderness. If you have a tent, set it up, include lanterns or string lights for ambiance. Use air mattresses,  and sleeping bags to keep everyone warm and cozy. The more comfortable you are, you'll likely enjoy a night under the stars again.

Make Camping Tasty
The smell of hot dogs, burgers and marshmallows roasting over a fire pit or sizzling on the grill is synonymous with any campout. Up your camping menu by incorporating some foil pack meals and campfire pies.

Make a Night of it With Games
The camping experience is a lot more than sleeping outside. Make a night of it. Incorporate some games and nighttime stargazing into your experience. Go on a community scavenger hunt, play cornhole, or do flashlight foraging.

With Father's Day just around the corner, there isn't a better time to spend a night in the backyard with the family. These tips will help you enjoy your backyard camping experience. If you're looking for a new backyard to play in, I'd be happy to help you find your perfect new home. 

Call, or text me about your next home.

Celebrating Fatherhood Superpowers


As we celebrate Father's Day, I've been reflecting on the important role that dads and father figures play in our lives. I wanted to start a fun and meaningful conversation to help us appreciate and cherish the incredible fathers in our world.

Today, I pose the question: What are your favorite Dad Superpowers?

Here is a list of twelve "superpowers" that many dads possess. Take a moment to read through these examples, and feel free to share your thoughts, personal experiences, or even stories of your own father or father figures who've had a significant impact on your life.

Dad reflexes: The incredible ability to catch a falling child, toy, or object with lightning-fast reflexes, often saving the day.

Super strength: The power to lift heavy objects, carry kids on their shoulders, and open tightly sealed jars with ease.

Grill master: The uncanny ability to cook the perfect barbecue, ensuring every burger and hot dog is cooked to perfection.

Home repair hero: The talent for fixing almost anything around the house, from leaky faucets to assembling furniture.

Infinite patience: The capacity to remain calm and composed while dealing with temper tantrums, sibling rivalries, and other challenging situations.

Endless energy: The power to keep up with their children's boundless energy, whether it's playing sports, chasing them around the yard, or taking them on adventures.

Storyteller extraordinaire: The gift of spinning captivating tales and bedtime stories, sparking their children's imaginations.

Wisdom dispenser: The ability to provide sage advice and guidance, helping their children navigate life's challenges.

Dad jokes: The unique humor that may induce eye-rolls but brings laughter and joy to their family.

Protector: The innate sense to keep their family safe and secure from harm, both emotionally and physically.

Master negotiator: The skill to peacefully resolve disputes between siblings and enforce fair compromises.

Unconditional love: The most important superpower of all - the capacity to love their children deeply and unconditionally, providing support, encouragement, and understanding throughout their lives.

We all have unique perspectives, and our individual experiences with fatherhood or father figures may vary.

I invite you to respond to this email with your thoughts on the best kind of dad, any anecdotes that you feel comfortable sharing or even your favorite dad jokes.

Let's celebrate the amazing dads and father figures in our lives, learn from each other's stories, and appreciate the qualities that make them so special.

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day and I look forward to hearing your heartwarming perspectives on this special occasion.

Happy Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we’re thankful for those who gave their lives while serving. And we’re thinking of those who have lost someone they love.

May we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones!

Get Ready For Summer With These Easy Landscaping Projects


Throughout the year I like to do a little something special for my friends, family and amazing clients. It’s just my way of continuing to say thank you for helping me build my business and serve my community.

Now is the perfect time of year to tackle your outdoor projects, so I created a handout called 11 Landscaping Projects Anyone Can Do that I'd love to share with you.

This handout is filled with simple and effective ways to enhance your outdoor space and increase the value of your home. And I’ve included projects for all budgets!

Let’s catch up soon – I can’t wait to hear about which projects you tackled!

Does your Home Have an Outdated Exterior?

As summer quickly approaches, the home project list tends to build. If you sell this summer, you'll want your home to look its best. Ensuring your home’s exterior is updated should move to the top of your list. If your home looks outdated on the outside, it could lead to a bad impression of the inside. Here are three ideas to give your home a modern look.​

Update Your Concrete

If you have uneven concrete that has cracks, it can be a sign to buyers that your home is dated. Refresh the concrete on any pathways or driveway for an updated, modern look. Decorative concrete will be a bonus for your buyers.

Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is often the first impression a buyer may have. So updating the paint on your door to subtly tie into the rest of your home can make a great first impression.

Add Exterior Path Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great way to give your home a modern look. Place them to highlight the path to your home or trees and shrubs. This type of lighting can be used for more than looks. You can also use it as a safety feature, which can make buyers feel confident in your home.

Let Your Prospects Guide the Conversation

You can do many things to help make your home more attractive to buyers, but ensuring your home looks up-to-date should top your list. If you want to sell your home, I'd be happy to talk about your home's value and how to market it in today's market. Call or text to schedule a time to talk.

A Mother's Gift

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let us remember to acknowledge the remarkable gift that mothers possess - the ability to hear what is not said and notice what is not obvious. This gift is often overlooked, yet it is a defining characteristic of motherhood that deserves our attention and admiration.

Moms have a sixth sense that enables them to detect even the most subtle shifts in mood or hidden pain. Their intuition and empathy allow them to pick up on the signals that others might miss, and they are often there to offer a listening ear, a warm embrace, or a word of encouragement.

So, on this special day, let us take a moment to show appreciation for all the amazing moms who have made a difference in our lives. Let us thank them for their unwavering love and support, and let us cherish the invaluable lessons they have taught us through their remarkable gift of hearing what is not said and noticing what is not obvious.

To all the wonderful mothers out there, we salute you! Your love and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are in awe of your extraordinary gift.

Happy Mother's Day!

Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approved


Are you thinking about buying a home this spring or summer? If so, one of the first steps is getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage. However, there are significant differences between the two. Here's a quick breakdown of the differences and how one option can give you more security when buying your home. I hope this helps you understand the mortgage process better.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

​This is an approximation, not a promise. When you're pre-qualified for a mortgage, it means that a lender has reviewed your credit and that you most likely will qualify for a loan up to a certain amount. A pre-qualification helps you narrow down your price range and gives you an idea of what you can afford based on the information you provided your lender.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

You're ready to go when you're pre-approved for a loan. This means that you've been approved for a specific amount, and an underwriter has approved the amount. It's more secure than pre-qualification. If you're seriously in the market, a pre-approval letter will give sellers far more confidence in your offer than a pre-qualification letter.

I hope this breakdown helps you when you're looking for a home. If you need help finding a lender or are ready to start  your home search, I'm here to help.

What Are You Composing These Days?

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, culminating with a grand finale on April 30: International Jazz Day, formally declared by the United Nations back in 2012. Even if jazz isn’t among your favorite genres, I’ll bet some of those celebratory sounds speak to your soul.

Although there is some debate over the exact year jazz was born, most everyone can agree what makes it unique is all the different components which, when braided together, form one cohesive sound. The idea is not unlike being in a group of people who bring completely different ideas to the table, but ultimately collaborate to produce a great final product — jazz, in human form.

When you think about it that way, what are you composing these days?

If you’re not working on anything besides everyday life, consider this: April is the perfect month to start conceptualizing your next act, something you truly want to compose and revise until it sounds just right.

If we are to believe Arthur Schopenhauer, the German philosopher, who said, “Music is the food of soul,” then April is your time to feast on all the possibilities life has to offer.

Whether you choose to embark on a new branch in your career or revise your plan for the year, this beautiful month of blue skies, sandwiched between chilly March and May’s goodbye to spring, is ideal for planning. With three-quarters of the year left ahead of you, a world that is remembering how to thrive, and opportunities everywhere… April is practically beckoning you to craft harmonious, collaborative plans into your life.

Play on!

What is Your Favorite Season?

Spring is a great time to plan. This story is a reminder that planning and persistence take us to more places than imagination alone.

A small seed was planted in the ground just as spring arrived. Although the seed was excited to grow and see the world, as the days passed, it realized that growing was a difficult process. The soil was tough, the sun was hot, the seed was often parched and felt like quitting, but it remembered its goal of growing into a beautiful flower and spreading its petals to the world.

Yet, the seed persevered and pushed through the tough soil and scorching sun. It didn't give up even when it felt like giving in. Finally, after many days of hard work and determination, the seed emerged from the ground as a sprout. As the sprout grew taller and stronger, it realized the obstacles it faced were merely preparing it for the challenges of life. And when spring was in full bloom, the sprout blossomed into a beautiful flower, spreading its petals wide and basking in the sun's warmth.

To the flower's surprise, though, it soon discovered that it was not just any flower. It was a small sapling, destined to grow into a magnificent tree. The flower was amazed at how far it had come and how its perseverance had helped it reach its true potential.

Just like the seed, we might face challenges in life, but if we push through and persevere, we will probably be surprised by the amazing things we can achieve.

Does Your Credit Need a Boost?


Spring is the time for a fresh start. If that means buying a new home, your credit score is one of the most important numbers to watch. A good credit score only gives you a better chance of getting approved for the home you want. So before you start your home search, here are a few reminders you can do to give your credit score a boost.

\Let me know how I can help or answer any questions you have

Repair Any Credit Bumps
Before buying a home, you must know your credit score and fix any credit issues.

Don't Be Late

This is one of the easiest things you can do to help your credit boost. Make all of your payments on time. Avoid any late payments on your bills.

Don't Add To Your Credit

You shouldn't take out new credit if you're getting ready to buy a home. Instead, hold off on big purchases until after you close on your new home.

Use Credit Tools That Help

​There are many tools out there that can help you track and help you boost your credit score. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are a couple of examples.

If you're moving this spring or summer, give your credit a boost. Good credit means a better interest rate and lower payments on the house you want. If you need to find a lender, I work with a network of great mortgage professionals. If you’re ready to start your search, I’m here for you. Call me to set up a time to meet.

Does Your Kitchen Need an Upgrade?

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s where you connect over meals, have family game nights, and organize the chaos in the mornings. It’s also one of the most important rooms to keep up-to-date if you’re planning on selling. Depending on how old your home is, it could take a major remodeling project if you’re trying to improve it. So, how do you conquer your kitchen remodel? Here are a few tips.

Plan. Plan Again. Plan Some More.

To keep construction time minimal and on budget, you should plan your kitchen remodel extensively. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that you plan for six months when remodeling a kitchen. Think about your existing kitchen, how traffic flows, prepare for the unexpected, and ergonomics.

Keep Your Footprint.

It’s easy to start demoing and start from scratch, but you should keep your same footprint. Problems can begin with a change in footprint; when you start moving plumbing and electrical, costs go up.

Buy Appliances That Work For You.

Your oven and refrigerator are important tools in your kitchen, but you don’t have to buy luxurious appliances that look good. Think about your lifestyle and how you cook. Spend your money on cabinets and flooring.

Create Storage Space.

Storage is essential in any room, but it plays a big role in the kitchen. Try adding cabinets that reach the ceiling or hanging shelves for storage.

Constant Communication is Key.

Staying in constant communication with your contractors is crucial for a successful remodel. It will help you stay on budget and on time. Be present during working hours, have a clear communication plan, and give the project manager your cell and email for easy communication.

Use these tips to help you conquer your kitchen remodel. If you need help finding a contractor, I have an extensive network of professionals. If you’re considering selling, I’m your local real estate expert and would be happy to give you a free market evaluation. 
Feel free to call, or text to set up a meeting.

Is Your Home on Buyers' Hot List?


In this market, it's essential to make a great first impression. Use these ideas to make your home a must-see home for potential buyers. I'd be happy to set up a time to discuss your home. 
Email, call or text me to set a time to talk.

Are Your Habits Helping?


According to legend, there was a stone that looked like an ordinary stone, but when held in your hand, it could make your dreams come true. The stone was hidden on a rocky riverbank among millions of look-alike stones. A person knew when he or she found the real stone because of its warmth, while all the other rocks felt cold.

Hearing about the legend, a man sold all of his possessions and camped on the river. The next morning, he began testing stones.

He picked up an ordinary stone, threw it away if it was cold, picked up another one and threw it again. He repeated the process for hours and then for days. Days turned into weeks. He became good at the process.

One day, he picked up a warm stone and, without even thinking, threw it into the river. Suddenly, he realized what he had done! He had developed such a strong habit of throwing every stone into the river that when the magic stone came along, he still threw it away.

It’s important to notice that not all habits are bad. Sometimes a habit is simply a behavior we’ve repeated enough times that it becomes automatic. Consider the new goals, dreams and aspirations you are pursuing this year, and notice any old habits that could be blocking your pursuit.

Deciding to “throw them away” might require less energy than maintaining habits that are unproductive.