Sometimes We Always Manage….

As Thanksgiving approaches, our thoughts and memories can become flush with the remembrance of family, friends and food. Year after year, we seem to assemble the same group of family and friends, in a warm home filled with the familiar smell of pecan pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing and other humid aromas.

Somehow, we manage to make the Thanksgiving scene the same. Sometimes the people change - elders pass, and new babies arrive - and sometimes the locations change, but we always re-create the same scene. You know you will catch a glimpse of someone’s fingers glistening with turkey grease. You know someone will twirl and unfurl the linen tablecloth which only emerges once a year.

Thanksgiving is like a genetic trait, handed down from generation to generation. This year, as you're enjoying the sights, sounds and aromas of Thanksgiving, please know I am deeply thankful for the traditions we continue to share!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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