3 Reasons Your Home Won’t Sell and How to Fix it

There’s nothing worse than excitedly listing your home on the market, only to wait months and months with no offers. When a home doesn’t sell, especially in a hot market, there are usually some issues with the home or listing. But here’s the good news: those problems can be fixed. Here are three of the most common reasons homes don’t sell and what you can do to get those offers rolling in.

If your home isn’t selling, especially if you’ve had a lot of viewings and you’re in a strong real estate market, it’s likely a sign that it’s overpriced. While you definitely don’t want to go lower than what you owe on the loan, you might need to slightly lower the price to bring it in line with the value buyers perceive when they view the home. It should be similar to your local competition; if it’s priced a lot higher than similar homes in your area, that could be the issue. Additionally, your listing price should take into account any needed repairs. If you think this might be the issue, I can help you determine an accurate value and asking price.

Yes, it’s painful to spend money on repairs and improvements that you won’t get to enjoy for long. But if your home is older and hasn’t gotten much TLC in a while, start making some updates to make the home more appealing to buyers. These don’t have to be major renovations or expensive improvements. Several small tweaks, such as upgrading ceiling fans, faucets, and cabinet handles, and adding a fresh coat of paint inside and outside can go a long way to improving the perceived value of the home and winning over buyers. Updating some appliances can also help freshen up the home and make it look cared for.

If you’re still living in the home, it’s a challenge to keep it spick and span and smelling lovely — especially if you have kids or pets. But seeing a cluttered house makes it difficult for buyers to picture how they would live there. And smells, like those from pets or smoking, can really turn them off. Do your best to keep the home tidy for showings, and don’t hesitate to hire a professional cleaner. If you think smells might be an issue, address root causes where you can (like getting rid of carpets pets have peed on or fixing mildew issues). Beyond that, light some scented candles, spray some Febreze, and consider baking cookies or other deliciously-scented desserts before a showing.

If you’re unsure why your home isn’t selling, please reach out so I can help you determine what’s going on and help you address any issues. 

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